Thursday, July 04, 2013

A different twist

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – The newest social networking website comes with a whole new twist: Instead of encouraging its members to connect with friends and professional acquaintances, this one wants people to round up folks they may never have considered – their enemies.

“,” funded by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Alliance Capital, claims more than 10,000 members and another 1,000,000 enemies.

“Unlike your average LinkedIn member, or Facebook friend, our members aren’t full of shit,” said James Lee, the 24-year-old chief executive officer of LinkedIn was one of the first companies to establish itself in the social networking space.

“The average member of our site has around 100 enemies and they hate each and every one of them – with a passion,” said Lee.

“Let’s face it, no one who connects with someone on LinkedIn or any of those other social sites really wants to be someone’s friend,” said Lee. “It’s just a place for frenemies.

“Our members are honest. If they say they hate you, they really hate you,” Lee added.

Lee, who started during his freshman year at Stanford University, says that members of his site just list their enemies.

“There’s none of this BS like asking for permission to be someone’s enemy. Our members just list their enemies and that’s it. They’re done!”

Members can view one another’s enemy list, Lee said, to make sure they’re hating “the right people.”

“If you and another member have someone you hate in common, that’s even better,” said Lee.

When told that his site sounded like another version of President Richard Nixon’s enemy list, Lee, looking confused, asked, “What was he president of?”

Members of are encouraged to increase their enemies list as fast as possible.

“The member listing the most enemies any given week can win prizes, trips – even a car,” said’s membership vice president Toby Benwick.

Perfect people to list as enemies, Lee said, include “anyone who ever dissed you or anyone you refer to as ‘ex’. That could be an ex-girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend, lover, employee.

“Bosses are always good,” he added.

Members are encouraged, Lee said, to post pictures and video clips of the people they hate.

“Our staff always does a round of high fives if a member’s enemy dies,” said Benwick. “That’s just the coolest.”

Unlike Facebook, which has a “like” button people can click when their friends post something, at FuckYou-IHateYou.dom, there’s a button marked “BS”.

Membership to the website is free. Sponsors for it include divorce attorneys and various hate groups, including the Ku Klux Klan. Not to be outdone, the Nation of Islam is considering what Benwick describes as a “huge” sponsorship opportunity on the site.

Lee says he’s also heard from the Tea Party as well as groups identifying themselves as politically progressive.

“We’re bipartisan in our hatred,” he said.

Not to be outdone by a certain leading executive at a leading social networking website,’s CEO Lee announced that he, too, just signed a deal with Random House to write a book.

It’s entitled “Stop #@$%& Leaning on Me:  Get a Life, Damnit!!!!”

Details are being finalized, Benwick said, for some of the site’s members and their selected enemies to make special appearances on various daytime television talk shows.

“We look forward to our first smack down with the people,” Jerry Springer said through a spokesman for his television show.

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